Grasslands Management Project

Grassland Management Project

Through a cooperative effort, SDACD and the South Dakota Grasslands Coalition have partnered to implement the Grasslands Management and Planning Project.  This project is funded through funds from the SD Department of Environment & Natural Resources (SD DENR), Watershed Protection Program.

Project Goals:

The goal of the Grassland Management and Planning Project is to: 

Reduce sediment, nutrients and fecal coliform bacteria loading of surface waters in South Dakota.

Project Description:

The project is a two year continuation of the current statewide Grassland Management and Planning project. The project started in October 2001 and we are currently in Segment 5. During this project segment the sponsor and its partners will:

Provide grassland managers with accelerated technical assistance to:

  1. Plan 50,000 acres of intensive grassland management systems implement.
  2. Implement 50,000 acres of intensive grassland management systems.
  3. Transfer grassland management information gained from on-ranch demonstration projects and systems implemented to ranchers, researchers, agency specialists and the public through the SD Grazing School, Tours, Workshops, Leopold Conservation Award Tours and our Winter Road show

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