South Dakota Grassland Coalition

Our mission is to promote stewardship of grasslands through sustainable and profitable management.

Grazing School

The Grazing School is designed for producers and anyone with an interest in learning how to best manage grasslands to benefit the land, livestock, wildlife, and people.

Follow-Up Range Consulting Program

This program was designed to help you implement the tools and techniques you learned at the grazing school. This is how you take your operation to the next level.

What We Do

The South Dakota Grassland Coalition is a producer-driven organization with an emphasis on management of private land. The volunteers on the nine-member board are all landowners involved in production agriculture. They work with a number of other partners to bring up-to-date, science-based, production proven educational opportunities and information to grass managers and the general public in our state.

Promote Ranching Practices that are sustainable & increase profitability

Preserve Our Small Towns and the Ranching Economy

Enhance Water Quality & Reduce Runoff into our Streams & Lakes

Increase the Abundance of Wildlife

About Us

The SD Grassland coalition is a group of volunteers who focuses on presenting workshops, field tours, and nationally and internationally-known speakers tailored to the information needs of producers.

Our members are producers and individuals who are passionate about grassland management. “Out-of-the-box” is a term often heard when SDGC members gather. They value innovative thinking and are open to new ideas for managing range land, livestock and wildlife that are cost effective, yet protect or improve the resource. They learn from each other and together.


The South Dakota Grasslands Coalition Mentoring program is a network of experts here to help you improve or expand your operation.  

Each video in this series provides invaluable tips and information to help you with planning.

We have compiled a list of links where you can find various tools and information about grasslands and natural conservation.