‘Alternative Calving Dates’ Videos 


The South Dakota Grassland Coalition has produced a series of videos for livestock producers across the region.  The 25-video series features ranchers from across South Dakota who have discovered the benefits of matching calving to their ranch resources.  The videos offer personal from nearly 30 individuals about the challenges and benefits of shifting calving dates to fit with natural cycles.  The men and women interviewed discuss the opportunities for improved livestock health and profitability as well as a more enjoyable and reduced stress family life.

The primary video topics include:  When & Where to Calve; Managing the Herd; Assessing Ranch Resources; Finance, Profit & Marketing; and People, Relationships & Quality of Life. In total, the video series offers over 5 hours of in depth testimony, with individual videos ranging from 3 to 25 minutes, depending on the topic.

February 18 Videos When & Where to Calve

Winter ConsiderationsFacilities & InfrastructurePasture Shelter & ProtectionPlanning Calving PasturesMoving Cows & New Calves. 

February 25 Calving Videos

Episode 6 Where to Calve, Episode 7 Education Episode Resisting Change Episode 9 Cow Management Episode 10 Calf Management Episode 11 Bull & Breeding Management

March 4 Videos:

Assessing Ranch Resources

Video 12, Evaluate, Forage & Carrying Capacity, video 13, Education, video 14, Paradigms & Change, video 15

March 11 Videos:

Finance Profit and Marketing

Episode 16 Reducing Input, Episode 17 Know your Product, Episode 18 Flexibility, Options & Opportunity, Episode 19 Paradigms & Change

March 18 Videos:

People, Relationships and Quality of Life

Episode 20 Labor

Episode 21 Stress

Episode 22 Marriage

Episode 23  Family Life & Parenting

Episode 24 Passing it On

Episode 25 Paradigms & Change

You can also go directly to the Grassland Coalition YouTube Channel to view all videos.

For more information, please contact Judge Jessop at judge.jessop@sdconservation.net