use the grazing stick

How to Use the Grazing Stick to Assess Pasture Forage

What is the South Dakota ‘Grazing Stick’? Why is it Important? How is it used?

Find out these answers and more in this video with Rangeland Management Specialist Mitch Faulkner of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Grazing Stick

Assessing pasture forage is a key step in planning grazing strategies. Although most producers understand the importance of assessing production, few invest the time necessary to clip and weigh vegetation within and across seasons to build a long-term database for their pastures. Recognizing this inherent need, range managers have developed simplified tools that allow rapid estimation of forage production and availability in pastures without the need to continuously clip and weigh vegetation. One of these tools is the common ‘grazing stick.’

While all grazing sticks are based on the same general principals, their use can be modified to fit local conditions.

Using the 'Grazing Stick' to Assess Pasture Forage

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