South Dakota Grassland Coalition

Jan 2024

One of the great partnerships we’ve had is with the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC). The Grazing Exchange, initiated by the SDSHC, is a way to get livestock integrated into cropland and providing rest to grasslands. In addition, it also is a way to connect people who have grass but don’t have livestock. This program pro- motes sustainable linkages between our two organizations.

What is the Grazing Exchange

The Grazing Exchange allows folks to register what resource they have (livestock, cover crops, crop residue, pasture, or bales) and places that information on a dynamic map.

The benefits to getting livestock onto cropland:
• Increases nutrient cycling and reduces fertilizer inputs
• Aids in reducing crop residue for no-till seeding
• Gives perennial pastures a rest in the fall to improve pasture health

Ways to do it:
• Fall and winter grazing of cover crops and crop residues
• Summer grazing full-season cover crops
• Winter feeding hay on cropland and hayland by either rolling out bales or bale grazing

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