JULY 10-13, 2023 | Sturgis, Sd

Young Adult Ranching for Profit Workshop

“Had an awesome experience! Extremely eye opening. A lot of great ideas and principles were shared. Well worth the time and money.” – Former Workshop Attendee 

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Hands-on intensive training, featuring Dallas Mount, owner of Ranching For Profit Schools.
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About the Event

The Young Adult Ranching for Profit Workshop is a hands-on intensive training to develop management skills in agriculture, featuring Dallas Mount, owner of Ranching For Profit Schools. Whether you’re new to ranching or looking to take your existing business to the next level, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical advice.

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July 10-13, 2023
Frontier Camp, Sturgis, SD

* We will be hosting a welcome supper Sunday evening, July 9th. 

** Preferred age range is 18-26.

A business intensive for young ranchers, ages 18-26. 

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Get ready for a few days of networking, learning, and fun! Space is limited. We encourage all young ranchers to register asap to ensure you get a spot.

What Previous Attendees Had to Say

“The biggest waste of time is doing something efficiently that should not have been done at all.”

“Young people should go to this school because there are opportunities and learning skills that every rancher needs to have to be successful. What I got out of this was knowledge organizing profit, production, and learning of human resources.”

“A big thanks to you guys for getting all this info out to young guys like me. In the ranching work this has been the biggest impactful ranching clinic I`ve been to. Nott that I`ve been to any others but I think you know what I mean. Now I know the biggest difference between an amateur rancher and a professional rancher. My Goal: Have better soil than yesterday and don`t worry what the neighbors think.” Thanks, Jordon Ensz.

“I got a whole new understanding of profit and how I can calculate my overheads, direct costs , gross margins and profit. I think as I move on in my business this school will stay with me and help me make good decisions in life. I recommend this school to all who have a ranching farming business or who want to be successful in life. I enjoyed all the people who taught me and I would like to come back again.”

“Good layout and location for school. A little tough for networking since we were in the same groups all week. Great for new ideas to help people diversify, consulting, getting a job off farm.

Find relatable ranches to go to where it is a tangible concept for young adults to grasp.” Claira Kees, Bowman, ND.

“One of my `a-ha ` moments was when we talked about the bowl with three legs. When any of the legs aren`t there the bowl will fall over. Another a-ha moment was with Kurt(rancher) and the three day moves for protein. From now on I will plan for three day moves!

My favorite quote from the school was “having a plan is necessary, but sticking to the plan is useless.”

“The encouragement value of this school was huge for me. The network is probably the biggest thing. I needed this for my personal life more than anything.”

“The way the ideas and principles are presented in a way ranchers can learn from, them as easy as we can is awesome. Learning from these BTO`s is like a young basketball player learning from Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant, unbeatable. I really liked the ranch tours but wish we could tour more in depth of the ranches.”

“My biggest ah-ha moment was that you don’t have purebred or the normal, but to raise cattle that fit your region.”

“This workshop was designed beautifully. It gave you insight on all that ranching for profits has to offer. From economics to ecology to the mentors and friends you meet. I highly recommend this workshop for those who even think they may be interested in it!”

“What I like about ranching for profit was the mentorship and the input on how the have put the lessons to use, making their ranches more successful.” Wyly Bronson.

“There is a lot of power being surrounded by forward thinking people you are encouraged to challenge your paradigms and stretch your imagination.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this opportunity available. Thank you to Dan Ras. For getting me in even though it was full. And thank you to the sponsors who made this so cheap. This will be one of the best investments the young people will ever make.” Andrea Beck

“This RMC school is great for young ranchers because it allows us to create a diverse network of peers and to learn about different mind sets we should be utilizing to be profitable in the Ag. Industry. It also allows us to talk to more experienced ranchers.

One ah-ha moment was the mindset of breakeven in my business. Was always looking for breakeven price but not chasing profit and calculating gross margin/unit.”

“I would recommend that anyone interested in intending young adult ranching for profit.

One of the biggest reasons I would recommend this camp is to get ideas and open up about some of the most difficult parts of ranching.”

“The  youth RFP school provided an incredible opportunity to further ranch management practices but it is much more than that; learning life thinking skills, being presented with hard questions, and networking are things that all happen over 4 days. I would be hard pressed to think of a more impactful four days I have spent doing anything.” Jake Bauman.

“This was a fantastic experience that really opened my eyes to the potential that our grasslands have.”

“My favorite part was going out to the ranches and the tours they gave. We got to see some very smart peoples operations. The most interesting part was talking to the group leaders and how they implemented the points they were teaching us.”

“Had an awesome experience! Extremely eye opening. A lot of great ideas and principles were shared. Well worth the time and money.”

“The young adult ranching for profit school was invaluable. It taught me to look at the ranch as a business and how to build it to be productive and profitable. Going forward I will remember to challenge the paradigm and focus on the areas I identified this week to build a better business, along with the content & principles introduced the networking with peers and mentors was very helpful.”

“I met some like minded people who want to improver their business and families lives. The old boys who have been through the transitions are the best part.” Caden Billings.

“The youth ranching for profit school was a great school that can teach you a lot from ecology to grazing to learn to make the most $`s for he work put in. The 80/20 rule was a great rule because your doing 20% of the work for 80% of the profit. It also not worry about the things that you can’t control or influence.” Logan Van Well

“My ah-ha moment was: My light bulb moment was when we were talking about the 4 principles of grass growth and grazing. That was it because before I didn’t really know to much about grazing.”

“Coming into this class I was not expecting to learn about economics and business. It was great. That’s some of the stuff I need to know and it helped so much. Thank you.” Beau

“One of my many ah-ha moments was the amount of control you have over your business. I learned about Covey circles and with good management you could eventually control virtually everything. They say this school has so much information your drinking from a firehose. I felt like I was drowning with so much great information.” Hunter Hollenbeck.

“I really liked being able to see the different ranches and hear from guys with a lot of experience. I also liked just being able to talk to others at the school to hear their stories and problems. I liked how each group had leaders who gave a ton of advice.”

“Ranching for Profit was the best investment I have made since the last time I attended RFP. School.

While attending the youth RFP school I was challenged by JD Williams to graze the grass that grew from the previous year.

While attending the youth RFP school I was reminded that the “problems” like the weather will always be changing so it is up to me to be prepared and have a plan so I will be prepared when they do.”

Brian LaDue

“JD and Kurt were amazing and I’m so thankful we got to go there. The experience of the leaders and speakers was so beneficial.”

“Youth Ranching for Profit Is a very good program for young ranchers for many reasons. The amount of info and skills a person can obtain here is endless. It is very interactive which I believe helps one retain the information one receives. All the instructors here are in the business one way, shape, or form which is very helpful. The main part of this program teaches you the business end of ranching which is the part most ranches struggle with. Anyone can do the work on a ranch that’s to what makes ranches survive. The information I have obtained here will change the way I ranch.”

“I have left Young RFP with a  wealth of knowledge. Yet we only touched the surface of what we can learn. I learned how to prevent paradigms from preventing success. Also, how to balance assets and liabilities. The most important part was, by for, that every decision impacts people. People need to be delt with fairly in every business. Especially ranching.” Seth F. Schoon.

“I did not know what to expect coming to this school, but after coming I can confidently recommend it to anyone remotely interested in ranching. The amount of eye opening moments here make it worth it. From the financial side, the ecological side, and the people wide they cover everything, and truly want to help maximize your ranching program.” Justice Jessop.

“A great way to meet and connect with like-minded people that share a desire to learn new ideas and skills to make their lifestyle and business more positive and successful. Overall, the content discussed was intriguing and tours were a great opportunity to see an operation and learn how it functions straight from the source.”

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