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Drought planning is an important component of ranch management. A good drought plan should have a series of critical “trigger dates” in which the manager evaluates climate information and makes predetermined decisions to manage the land and livestock resources before it is too late.

Krammer Pasture Walk

The holistic goal setting on your ranch acts like a filter to help you make decisions and point you in the right direction. It grounds you and helps you avoid impulsiveness and miss steps you might regret.

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By Mary A. Scott  The 2018 Rosebud Area Youth and Adult Range Workshops were held on Tuesday, July 31st in a pasture near Rosebud, SD.  Attendees in the Adult Workshop started out the morning with the Tabletop Rainfall Simulator showing runoff and infiltration from different samples of local native range plant communities.  The continuous season …


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The main reason for utilizing the targeted grazing was to show the public that the BLM is trying to utilize multiple treatment options in our fight against the control of noxious weeds. Treatment options already utilized within the area are chemical and biological control methods. The period of performance was to run for 60 days

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A joint effort from USDA-ARS, Colorado State University, the National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Arizona, and the Northern Plains Climate Hub have come up with a forage prediction tool called ‘Grass-Cast’. It takes historic forage production data sets and climate predictions from NOAA to make forage forecasts. This is a useful drought planning tool.

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