Cattle on the prairie

Rotational grazing creates healthier pastures by allowing time for plants to rest & recover after being bit by livestock.

cattle in the pasture

It’s often said “you cannot manage something that has not been measured”. The late
Peter Drucker, founder of modern business management theory often stressed thisprinciple. The same can be applied to range management.

New technology is ever evolving How to incorporate it into a ranching operation takes a bit of time and ingenuity. Several producers shared their perspective for this article. The drawbacks to drone usage are significant. They include cost per usage, user friendliness, distance covered and battery issues. A basic drone with a camera costs $400-$1500 …

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We hear a lot about climate change and global warming in the news. The warming trajectory provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) can give you a feeling of helplessness. Agriculture sometimes is portrayed poorly in the news, however managed land and the supporting agricultural activities only accounted for 13-21% of global total …

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Have you ever found money? I lost a $20 bill one time and found it under the couch cushion several months later. Since it was my money it was nice to get it back. I once found a $10 bill on the street. No one was around so it became mine. That was a net …

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Whether the goal is having a uniform group of calves to sell or avoiding hot weather during late spring calving, keeping the calving season within a narrow window can add to the cow-calf producer’s bottom line. Kiernan Brandt, SDSU Cow Calf Field Specialist shared some observations. The basic first steps include matching cows to the …

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As more producers consider multi species grazing, one of the questions to be answered concerns predator control. The most efficient method of keeping predators away from small livestock such as sheep is to employ guardian animals. Dogs, lamas and donkeys or a combination thereof are all in use in SD. Dave Ollila, Newell, SD Used …

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Daniel Gering A first generation farmer in Turner County. Gering’s grandfather always wanted to farm but due to medical advice regarding a health condition he sold out and started working for the local International Harvester dealer. He eventually bought the business and passed it on to Daniel’s father, Brad. Daniel worked at the dealership and …

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