Like any new technology, the cost should decrease over time. Some issues of concern which still exists for many were the cybersecurity of the system and who owns these data? Regardless, it appears that virtual fencing can work and has great potential to support targeted grazing.

the first cross fences Consisted of steel posts and barb wire went in at Rock Hills Ranch in 1985. After stringing what probably amounts to several thousand miles of fence over the years Luke Perman shared what’s working for him in 2022. With the cattle split into four herds and two bands of custom grazed …

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It’s no secret that ag inputs can be hard to find and expensive. Fencing supplies are a good example. I visited with Reed Cammack at Cammack Supply at Union Center and Glen Rausch of Onaka who operates a custom fencing business in addition to raising cattle. Rausch has 30+ years of experience in custom fencing. …

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