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If there is a “silver bullet” in ranching, it is building and maintaining healthy soil in rangeland. Heathy soil in pastures drives profit, holds water around plant roots, in- creases grass plant populations, increases plant diversity, increases root growth and much more. Our ranching culture should be focused on improving soil health in our pastures. Holistic Resource Management (HRM) will make this happen on your ranch.

Grazing Map of the Grazing Exchange

The Grazing Exchange, initiated by the SDSHC, is a way to get livestock integrated into cropland and providing rest to grasslands. In addition, it also is a way to connect people who have grass but don’t have livestock. This program pro- motes sustainable linkages between our two organizations.

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Despite its numerous benefits, many cattle farmers are still hesitant to adopt rotational grazing due to several misconceptions and fears. In this blog post, we will explore some of the common misconceptions surrounding rotational grazing, why people are often hesitant to start it, and why they should give it a try anyway.

Cattle on the prairie

Rotational grazing creates healthier pastures by allowing time for plants to rest & recover after being bit by livestock.

cattle in the pasture

It’s often said “you cannot manage something that has not been measured”. The late
Peter Drucker, founder of modern business management theory often stressed thisprinciple. The same can be applied to range management.

Native and exotic plants have many values that label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but assessing the value of plant diversity in pastures is worth the effort.

How to incorporate new technology into a ranching operation takes a bit of time and ingenuity. Several producers shared their perspective for this article.

Holistic Ranch Management Helps With Economic And Climate Resilience

The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and South Dakota Grassland Coalition have a shared view: native grasslands of North America are one of the most imperiled ecosystems in the world and working to make land both profitable and healthy is key to conserving these threatened grasslands and the wildlife and communities that call them home.

Flash grazing in the spring is kind of like finding lost money in the couch cushion.

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