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Holistic Ranch Management Helps With Economic And Climate Resilience

The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and South Dakota Grassland Coalition have a shared view: native grasslands of North America are one of the most imperiled ecosystems in the world and working to make land both profitable and healthy is key to conserving these threatened grasslands and the wildlife and communities that call them home.

Flash grazing in the spring is kind of like finding lost money in the couch cushion.

Whether the goal is having a uniform group of calves to sell or avoiding hot weather during late spring calving, keeping the calving season within a narrow window can add to the cow-calf producer’s bottom line.

The most efficient method of keeping predators away from small livestock such as sheep is to employ guardian animals.

Start small and see big payoff with the benefits of regenerative practices

As grassland resources across the northern prairies continue to decline, it is important to manage what remains as efficiently as possible. The most common practice used to manage grasslands is grazing with livestock.

Like any new technology, the cost should decrease over time. Some issues of concern which still exists for many were the cybersecurity of the system and who owns these data? Regardless, it appears that virtual fencing can work and has great potential to support targeted grazing.

Two young men clipping grass at the Chamberlain Grazing School

Holistic Resource Management is a strong approach to changing ranch culture and increasing rangeland productivity.

Rangeland & Soil Health winner photos

The 39th Annual Rangeland Days and 18th Annual Soils Days were held in Watertown June 14 & 15 at the Codington Extension Building

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